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Schiller Wine

Schiller WineThe identity and individuality of this unusual drink lies in dazzling and iridescence of ruby rose sparkling shades, delicate, superb aroma and incomparable bouquet.

It was developed by mixing “Pinot Noar”, “Plamenka” and “Lisa” … and the marigold, caraway, laurel and nutmeg maceration that during the process of maturing blend into a harmonious whole.

Schiller is a special aromatic wine with organoleptic properties that simply capture your imagination.

When you are in the company of people, it makes you feel special and in moments of seclusion full of energy. In a word, it is a wine you can never forget when you once taste it.

This archive wine is recommended to be served with red meat, fried venison or wild pork as well as with deserts.

It is served at 14-16 ̊ C.


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