• Српски језик


Out of strong desire for delicacy and indispensable necessity to be different and come closer to the trace of the existence of the beginning and eternal moment of continuity, the act of creation has become meaningful and we have become what we are.

The production has been standardized and limited to one thousand half-litre bottles of each sort of drink. It is exclusive intended for special corporate presents and cannot be bought in retail trade or ordered in restaurants. It is solely sold by the exclusive distributor for Serbia and the region in Antiquinarium show room or by the licensed sellers.

All drinks are inspected and certified by Novi Sad Technology Faculty and Novi Sad Medical School.

Wine production licence (in Serbian) PDF, 133 kB
Brandy production licence (in Serbian) PDF, 133 kB

Ausbruch Wine
Bermet Wine
Schiller Wine
Grap Brandy Rozolija