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Ausbruch Wine

Ausbruch WineA superb golden-yellow wine made of selected grapes of late harvest and dry grapes. Basically Ausbruch is a blend of “Sila”, “Petra”, and “Pinot Blanc”… enriched with mint, white hawthorne, John’s wart, wild thyme maceration as well as with a primary addition of dried figs and honey.

Ausbruch has been classified as special wine with high content of alcohol, non-fermented sugar and extract.

In the spirit of traditional manufacture we make a prestigious high quality wine of exceptional harmony applying the most sophisticated technology procedures and aging of 24 to 36 months.

You can drink it for pure pleasure and it is excellent as an aperitif with fatty cheese, goose pate, and especially as a digestive with pastry and cakes. It is served at 14-16 ̊ C and coled down a few deegres lower than that.


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