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Bermet Wine

Bermet WineA well-known, autochthonous special aromatic wine that has brought reputation to Sremski Karlovci and this plentiful area, around the world.

Bermet is produced from assorted red wines, spices and medical herbs. Wormwood is a basic herb of our wine jewel with marigold, juniper-berries, vanilla, mint and dozens of other “delicacies” in traces. Bermet is good for health, both physical and mental. Its antioxidant properties can classify it as a “good remedy of pure medicine”.

It is a wine that speaks for itself, a medium which makes us different and authentic, the promoter of good mood, and a sage who leads us along the right path.

Food should be chosen according to Bermet and it is equally good before and after meal.

Bermet’s profuse bouquet is best expressed at over 18 ̊ C.


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