• Српски језик

Rozolija – Serbian Grape Brandy

Grape Brandy RozolijaFrom rich treasury of our heritage this Serbian grape brandy is enriched with the essence of mountain honey, aromatic and medical herbs. It arouses and strengthens the spirit of Slavic people.

Rozolija is of a beautiful, natural yellow-greenish color, a rich scent, harmonized ratio of alcohol and extract, and of an incomparable pleasant taste.

Rozolija is a drink of atmosphere, the cause as well as the result of event. It creates the feeling of abundance of life and the revelation of love as the prime-mover of the things both in and around us.

Serbian brandy Rozolija is served as an aperitif and digestive creating a nice atmosphere if consumed moderately.

It should be chilled a little and consumed at room temperature using wine glasses if possible.


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